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About Scott Robertson

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Began shooting at 7 years of age under his father, Ken Robertson, who was a member of the Air Force competitive Trap team. Ken was a well-known competitive Trap Shooter and Inductee to the California State Trap Hall of Fame. He was also a professional coach/instructor for Pachymeyer Shooting Facility, 1st Team Captain for Team USA 1985.

Scott is an extremely accomplished competitive shooter in multiple shotgun disciplines and was a Professional Shooter for Beretta Firearms for 28 years. In addition, he has performed Shotgun Exhibition Events for many years, both here in the US and abroad. Scott has not only represented the Beretta Brand, and Fiocchi Ammunition, but also USA Shooting/Team USA.

During the last 40 years of Competition, Scott has been inducted into the National Sporting Clays Hall of Fame and the Texas State Sporting Clays Hall of Fame. He has won over 14 National Championships, including 8-time Small Gauge HOA Champion (*Current National Record), 8 World Championships, named to 54 All American Teams in Trap, Sporting Clays and FITASC and shot for the United States on over 20 different US Sporting Clays Teams. Scott is also the only competitive clay target athlete in the history of American Sporting Clays, 25 years running, to average over 90% consistently.

The ability to work with the Beretta brand, as well as representing USA Shooting has afforded Scott exceptional opportunities and exposure with regards to marketing media. He has hosted, co/hosted, supervised/contributed, and presented in a variety of media formats including, print, commercials, television, and film.

Scott has been a key consultant with regards to game development relating to Clay target sports. The Pro Challenge Make-A-Break, with Ray Foreman, and Dan Carlisle, and additionally the PSCA Pro Challenge game concepts are based on his creative design for what is possible and translates well for visual media. Scott is successful and actively takes part in, and excels at, event marketing and promotions with regards to bringing clay target games to public awareness through visual media.

Scott has taken part in/on both the National and State Advisory Councils for the National Sporting Clays Association on behalf of the shooting community, not only as a competitor, but also as a Range Owner. Scott served as President of the Professional Sporting Clays Association (PSCA) for 3 years.

Scott is the co-owner/operator, and current President of Elm Fork Shooting Sports in Dallas, TX est. 2002. (elmfork.com). He has hosted 2 Texas State Sporting Clays Championships. 2 Angle Port Open Championships, 2 Lear Jet Open Championships, and over 300 Corporate and Charity events each year.

Scott is also the co-owner/founder of The Side X Side Ranch in Wynnewood, OK, (sidexsideranch.com), with his wife Wendy. To date they have hosted, 2 Professional Sporting Clays Association Tour Stops, The Oklahoma State Sporting Clays Championship, 2 South Central Regional Championships, the FITASC National Championships, as well as many Corporate and Family Hunting and Fishing Retreats.

Recently, Scott has been offered the opportunity to become the Head Shooting Coach for Murray State College in Tishomingo, OK. He is hoping to elevate this new Shooting Team to become consistent and highly competitive Collegiate National Champions.

Stay tuned, more to come…

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Notable Tournaments/Achievements

  – National Sporting Clays Hall of Fame 

  – Texas State Sporting Clays Hall of Fame

2 Time All Around Shotgun National Champion 

SCA National Champion 

USSCA National Champion 

PASS National Champion 

SCI World Sporting Clay Champion 

FITASC National Champion 

54 Time All American 

20 Time Member of US Sporting Clay Team 

4 Time NSCA 410 National Champion 

8 Time NSCA 28 Gauge National Champion 

8 Time NSCA Small Gauge National Champion 

2 Time NSCA 5 Stand National Champion 

13 Time NSCA 5 Man Team National Champion 

4 Time Pan American Champion 

Professional Sporting Clay Champion of America 

2 Time Beretta World Silver Medalist 

3 Time Junior National Champion 

3 Time Kruger Cup Champion 

Angle Port Open Champion 

2 Time ACUI College National Champion 

Clay Shooting FITASC Classic Champion 

North American Sporting Clay Champion 

2 Time Homestead Cup Champion 

Great American Sporting Clay Champion

2 Time Mile High Classic Champion 

NSCA Pro Am Champion 

ESPN Outdoor Games Gold & Bronze Medal 

Oklahoma State Sporting Clay Champion 

Arkansas State Sporting Clay Champion 

California State Sporting Clay Champion 

Louisiana State Sporting Clay Champion 

Wisconsin State Sporting Clay Champion 

2 Time Texas State Sporting Clay Champion 

2 Time World FITASC Team World Champion 

SCA World 5 Stand Team World Champion 

Silver Medal – International Skeet National Championships  

SCI Grand Prix Champion 

FITASC Grand Prix Champion 

1994 NSSF Chevy Truck Shooter of the Year 

3 Time FITASC World Championship Team Gold Medal 

3 Time World English National Team-World Champions 

2 Time World English Small Gauge HOA World Champion 

World English 20-gauge World Champion 

World English .410-gauge World Champion 

World English 28-gauge World Champion 

Browning Briley World Sporting Clay Champion 

Helice Grand Prix of the America’s Champion 

3 Time U.S. Open Silver Medalist 

2 Time Caribbean Cup Champion 

2 Time Canadian Open Champion 

All Around Shotgun World Championship Silver Medalist 

All American Clay Target Champion of America 

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Audio/Visual Media and Marketing

Host PSCA Pro Tour – Pursuit Channel 

“MTV Sports with Gabby Reese” – MTV 

Co-Host Beretta’s Wild & Raw – Outdoor Channel 

Co-Host “Direct Hit” – Outdoor Life Network 

Guest-Host “Pull” – Outdoor Life Network 

Guest-Host “America’s Greatest Gun Clubs” – Outdoor Life Network 

Co-Host “Chevy Truck Shooting Sports America” – ESPN 

“ESPN 5-stand Pro-Am” – ESPN -2 

Pro Challenge Tour” – ESPN 

Cabelas Under Wild Sky’s” – ESPN 

“Charley West Outdoors” – ESPN-2 

Co-Host “Outdoors with Sportsman’s Choice” 

“East Coast Open” – Prime Time 

Texas Sportsman” – ESPN –2 

ESPN Outdoor Games 

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